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Armor Mayhem 2

You have had a tiring day and all you want to do is find a relaxing activity to clear your mind and let you have some leisure. There are many flash games out that can be of assistance. For a while there has been a misconception that these games are only intended for children and adults have no place accessing this form of entertainment. Yet they are designed to be sampled by different age groups and demographics. Armor Mayhem 2 the second installment in a reputable franchise from DLC it is a flash game you must try. The action packed game offers intensity in combat that supersedes the previous versions. The steel warrior also has to contend with vehicular madness that has gained popularity with hardcore gamers. This is a different experience from the norm of close door combat scenes and free flow action like vertical take downs.

Main Purpose
The aim of Armor Mayhem 2 is to complete the missions you have undertaken.The missions come in the form of challenges. These challenges can be retried when you fail or complete them and feel like reliving the process. For more missions check the daily challenges to increase your list of achievements.
Exciting Weaponry and Gadgets
The weaponry in Armor Mayhem 2 is also more advanced with more firepower. You can blaze your way through enemy combatants and create mayhem around the player. An improved armor is also a boost and gives you more stats which are important if you intend to finish the game. New bonuses are available if you view the inventory option, in the menu on the main screen. You can purchase new armors so as to enhance your squad capabilities.
Killer Moves
The player also can perform some killer maneuvers such as reloading, crouching and sprinting. Combine with a new perks option with each level, Armor Mayhem 2 becomes more intense and very exciting. The adrenaline feature is useful when activated in a melee and guarantees one heck of a fight. The higher you go in levels the more weapons you can unlock like grenade, launchers to obliterate your enemies.
Enjoy a Different Experience
The new functions and capabilities introduced in this version are crucial to the new experience the creators are trying to make the audience experience. Speed, armor and flash bangs are guaranteed to give the user an exhilarating experience, We are waiting for you at our website to enjoy Armor Mayhem 2 for free.

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